Quality Inspector

Full Time
Posted 3 years ago

The Quality Control Inspector reports to the QC Supervisor – Goods In.

The Quality Control Inspector is responsible for checking all Incoming Materials. If any are found outside of acceptable quality levels the QC Supervisor – Goods In / Senior QA is to be notified immediately. Photos of any damaged/defective material are to be taken and QA informed.

The Head of Quality / Senior QA to decide on any remedial work or if rejection is required.

The Quality Control Inspector is responsible for:

  • Sampling all incoming materials.
  • Identifying all bulk deliveries of hard and soft gelatine capsules and tablets, ensuring that each case or drum is marked with the product name, quantity and batch number.
  • Ensuring that where tablets or capsules are to be blister packed they are tested against the relevant tooling diagram / actual tooling.
  • Ensuring that printed components are checked against the specification and previous sample.
  • Ensuring that unprinted components are checked against the specification or physically checked
  • for correct dimensions and material.
  • Ensuring that all checks performed on bulk product are recorded on the relevant documentation.
  • Creation of specifications when required.
  • Labelling each container of material with a Release Label.
  • Updating the status of each batch on the SAGE Computer System.
  • Ensuring the Sampling Booth and sampling areas are maintained and cleaned.
  • General Office Duties ensuring that documentation is filed in a satisfactory manner.
  • Creating / updating specifications.
  • Any other duties that may be required

Job Features

Hours:8am - 17:00pm
Rate of Pay:£9 per hour

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