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To register with us, please choose one of the following three methods below:

  1. Download the PDF form and fill in and email the completed form to us at:
  2. Download the PDF form, print and complete form and then either hand in to our office or post to: County Recruitment, 14 Commercial Road, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN1 5NF
  3. Read and complete the form below.

Important Notes to Temporary Workers

We are happy to welcome you to County Recruitment Ltd. We have a reputation to uphold and our reputation starts with you. We would therefore ask you to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

We need a signed P45 or Starter Checklist when registering. You must sign the form, in the space provided to verify its contents.

Please ensure that you arrive at your work placement on time and that you remain until the work is finished/ you have completed the agreed hours for the day. Leaving before these will result in loss of pay. 

Please notify us as soon as possible. Failure to do so can result in no further bookings from County Recruitment. We have full 24 hour out of office contact (07932 985532 or 07939 444 210) or (01793 251212 – Office hours only!) for you to leave a voicemail or text.

Ensure you are appropriately dressed for the position – more information will be given when you speak to our representatives.

Create a good impression by trying to settle in as quickly as possible and always ask if you are unsure of anything.

The client will be responsible for submitting timesheets to County Recruitment, for the hours worked, no later than Monday for payment Friday of that week. These will be verified and approved by County Recruitment prior to payslips being submitted and payment made. County Recruitment will make no payment for hours not worked.

County Recruitment shall pay for all hours worked regardless of whether County Recruitment has received payment for these hours.

Your payslips will be issued during the week after you have worked and before your money reaches your bank so you can check them. Initially you will receive two emails from SAGE.   You will need to open these and follow the instructions to set up your own secure payroll portal to which all your payslips will be sent.

If you have a problem with access or do not receive these emails (Check your SPAM folder please!) you will need to come into the office with your phone and connected to wifi. We will then help you find and set up your portal.

Payment will be made on the Friday, following the week of work, by BACS. In the event of an overpayment being made as a result of a mistake on the part of County Recruitment I agree that a deduction be made from my future wages or by a direct repayment from me.

Money will be paid into your nominated account by close of play on PAYDAY. County Recruitment holds no liability for any mistakes that your bank makes or any delays in payment due to your own bank account.

You are entitled to holiday pay as per government guidelines. County Recruitment holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December. At the end of each holiday year, the holiday entitlement will be ‘Zeroed’ and the holiday year will begin anew.  You need to give us a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice to book holidays or claim your holiday pay.

Any holiday owed (in accordance with the regulations above) at the end of your assignment will be paid in full once you have been processed as a leaver. 

Your tax office is Wiltshire Court, Farnsby Street, Swindon. SN1 5AN. We will deduct Tax and NI in accordance with HMRC guidelines and it is your responsibility to supply us with your correct NI number or you may lose future social security benefits. 

County Recruitment will offer you work in industrial, driving or commercial contracts and will, at all times of the booking, fully explain what the duties involve. Your minimum rate of pay will be no less than minimum national hourly rate. However, many contracts will pay more. This will be discussed before you need to accept the booking.

The temporary worker acknowledges that the nature of temporary work means that there may be periods when no suitable work available and agrees, suitability shall be determined solely by County Recruitment and that County Recruitment shall incur no liability to the temporary worker should it fail to offer opportunities to work.

Subject to any statutory entitlement under the relevant legislation, the temporary worker is not entitled to receive payment from County Recruitment or its clients for any time not spent on assignment, whether in respect of illness or absence or for any other reason unless otherwise agreed in advance.

I am happy to work over 48 hours per week if offered to me and agree to opt out of the working time regulations unless I notify County Recruitment in writing of any change of mind regarding this regulation.


I confirm the details on this form are correct





    I hereby give consent for my personal details to be held by County Recruitment for the purpose of finding me employment, for the payment of this employment and any other related matters.



    Q8: You need to select only one of the following statements A, B or C:

    Q9: Do you have a Student Loan which is not fully repaid?

    Q10: Are you repaying your Student Loan direct to the Student Loan Company by agreed monthly payemnts?


    You will have a Plan l Student Loan if:

    • You lived in Scotland or Northern Ireland when you started your course, or

    • You lived in England or Wales and started your course before September 2012

    You will have a Plan 2 Student Loan if you lived in England or Wales and started your course on or after l September 2012.

    Q11: What Type of Student Loan do you have?

    Q12: Did you finish your studies before the last 6 April??

    For further guidance about repaying Student Loans go to!oans